What qualities should you look for when hiring someone?

According to a survey, 74% of people say they've made the wrong decision when hiring an employee. During the hiring process, take note of how the candidate communicates with you. They may not have great communication skills if they don't keep you updated or never respond to your messages. All employees will need good communication skills, whether they are working with partners, customers, or co-workers.

Even if you don't conduct an in-person interview, you can evaluate a person's skills over the phone or email. According to a survey, 71% of employers rated emotional intelligence above IQ. Some hiring managers have even started calling emotional intelligence EQ. Another factor of emotional intelligence is empathy.

For example, when business managers are able to show empathy with their employees, they will appear more supportive. This will make employees feel happier, listened to and valued, which will also help improve employee retention. Employers should know that the people they hire can expand and change as their companies do. A study conducted by the research firm and consulting firm Millennial Branding showed that 98 percent of employers say that effective communication skills are essential for their job candidates.

By the time you get to the interview, you'll have already understood some of the candidate's communication skills. For example, you probably corresponded by email, viewed the candidate's social media pages, and possibly spoke on the phone or Skype. Consider the attention to detail that the candidate demonstrated in these different forms of communication. Here you are looking to see that the candidate values good communication.

If you didn't do anything to resolve the problem, for example, that may be an indication of poor communication skills. Remember that you are not evaluating the candidate based on that problem (in fact, it may even be a problem that he had during a part-time job when he was a student), but that you are looking for ways in which the candidate has used his social skills to solve the problem. Start today by requesting a demo or posting a job for free to discover how Workable can help you find and hire great people. The fact is that many workers have the qualifications, skills and knowledge needed to do a job, but once hired, they may be inadequate for the positions for which they were hired.

Excellent communication is one of the best qualities to look for in a potential candidate for any job. Willingness and, ultimately, the ability to learn are very important qualities of a good employee, not only for learning new difficult skills, but also for growing as a professional and as a person. If you're looking to hire a new employee, there are a few key qualities you can consider when interviewing candidates. Big companies don't hire qualified people and motivate them, but they hire people who are already motivated and inspire them.

Knowing these important qualities to look for in an employee means you have a better chance of hiring the best people and avoiding the frightening costs of making a bad hire. These are just the nine main qualities to consider when hiring employees, but there are many more to consider during the hiring process. We hope that these examples have given you an idea of how to evaluate the qualities to consider when hiring an employee.