Hiring the Right Person for the Job: A Guide for Employers

Creating an attractive job description that outlines daily tasks and qualifications is essential for employers to find the best candidates. It's important to consider the company culture and find someone who fits it. To ensure a successful hiring process, employers should continuously refine and update their strategies. Researching online and asking colleagues for references can help employers find the right person for the job.

LinkedIn is also a great resource to find references within your social network. In addition to the references provided by the candidate, employers should always perform additional reference checks. It's important to ask blunt questions about the candidate's strengths and weaknesses, how they handle stressful situations, how they treat their colleagues, and any other information that is relevant to the company. To hire the best people, employers must first understand their mission, values, and what kind of people fit their culture.

When it comes to references, employers should check at least two business references for each finalist. Studies show that up to a third of applicants exaggerate their work history, so it's important to validate the information provided by the candidate. CEOs have developed strategies through trial and error to help employers go beyond polished resumes and scripted responses when hiring team members. The person hired will interact with many people in the company, so everyone should be involved in ensuring that they are a good fit.

Employers should document every step of the process and have strong, objective reasons for hiring or not hiring someone. Patience is key: if you can't find the right person for the job, wait or reevaluate your hiring strategies. It's easy to dream of finding the perfect candidate for the job, but it's often difficult to do so unless you follow certain rules during the hiring process. If you hire someone with the right personality for the job, it's easy to teach them any necessary skills.

In some cases, paperwork can be done once with a template that is filled out for each new hire. Whether it's your first hire or your thousandth, employers must have a defined process for hiring and onboarding.