How can employers ensure they are hiring the right person for the job?

Creating a compelling job description that includes daily responsibilities and necessary qualifications can help select the best candidates. Be sure to consider the company culture and find someone who fits it. Keep improving and updating your hiring process until it works better for your company. It may take a little effort, but with a little research on the Internet, you can probably find a couple of people that you know, or that your colleagues know, who have worked with the candidate.

LinkedIn can also be a useful resource for finding references for a candidate on your social network. Always perform additional reference checks, not just those provided by the candidate. Pressure those people to give a blunt opinion about their strengths and weaknesses, how the candidate performs in stressful situations, how they treat their colleagues, and anything else that is important to the company. To hire the best people, you need to know what your company needs.

What is your mission? What are your values? What kind of people fit? What mentality are you looking for? Check at least two business references for each finalist. Research shows that up to a third of applicants embellish their work history. By checking references, validate the information you've received to ensure that your candidate has the knowledge, skills, and attitude you've presented. Learn about the strategies that these CEOs have developed through trial and error to help you go beyond polished resumes, shortlisted references and scripted responses, and hire more creative and effective members for your team.

Ultimately, the person you hire will interact with a lot of people in your company, so they all have an interest in ensuring that the person is a good hire. Make sure you document every step of the process and that you have strong, objective, evidence-based reasons for deciding to hire someone or not. Be patient: If you can't find the right person for the job, wait patiently or reevaluate your hiring strategies. It's easy to daydream about finding and hiring the ideal candidate for the job, but it's often difficult to find that person unless you apply the following rules to the hiring process.

If you hire the right personality for the job, it's easy to teach them the skills they need to succeed. In some cases, the paperwork can be one-time, in which a template is created and the necessary information is entered for each new hire. Whether it's your first hire or your thousandth, you must have a defined process for hiring and onboarding.