Making Informed Decisions When Hiring New Employees

When it comes to selecting new employees, employers need to ensure they are making informed decisions. To guarantee the right hiring decision, employers should start by conducting preliminary telephone interviews to narrow down the most promising candidates for face-to-face interviews with the hiring manager and other members of the team. The application phase in the selection process is often considered passive, as employers simply wait for candidates to respond to their job offer. To strengthen the hiring decision and ensure that the chosen candidate is suitable, employers should use background checks and social media profiles as additional employee selection tools.

It is important to remember that background checks should not be used as the sole factor in making a hiring decision. Social media profiles can provide more details about the candidate as a person and as an employee, which can help employers make a more informed decision. However, employers should be aware of the legal risks associated with allowing a candidate's activity on social media to influence their hiring decisions, as this can lead to unconscious prejudice or discrimination. To speed up the hiring process, employers can use an offer letter template instead of creating one from scratch or inform candidates that they want to hire them through an informal verbal offer.

Additionally, employers should remember to inform rejected candidates that they haven't gotten the job; not only are they potential employees for another position in the future, but a positive experience as a candidate will also work wonders for their employer brand.