What advice do you have for employers when it comes to screening potential candidates before an interview?

During the interview, create a positive environment for the candidate and engage in an authentic conversation with them as much as you can. Taking notes during an interview is essential, but it's also important to focus on the conversation to understand the candidate's personality and mentality. The recruiter will share the interview notes with the hiring manager, who will decide whether to take the candidate to a second interview. These questions will help you determine if the candidate might be a good fit for the vacant position before calling them for an in-person interview.

Many candidates will use a template for their cover letter or won't provide much useful information for fear of saying the wrong thing (especially if they're young). If there is an independent hiring manager for the position, review the notes from the recruitment interviews with him. Review each of the selection techniques you used and identify opportunities for improvement in your hiring process in the future.